Thursday, May 6, 2010

Abt BRANDwagon !

It's abt brands but it's twisted,irreverent and humorous !!!
For once , listen to the BRANDS talk !! and not just the boring sales talk !!!

BRANDwagoN 123

!! TATA @#$* !!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Saturday, May 1, 2010

To you , Wherever you are

Hey this one is in search of true,ever-lasting love -

In my heart,there's a place

A place for you to stay

Stay with me forever.....

....Forever never ends

I wish this wouldn't be true

The truth is I'm alone

Loneliness feels nothing

Nothing has changed nothing

I m still hoping

Caz hope is all I have

You ll come someday

Someday to take me away :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

All in a day's work!

My morning starts even before I wake up.Even while I 'm sleeping,my brain is busy making notes about the day ahead.8 AM and I jump off my bed and rush to get my hands on the newspaper.After reading about what the world has done and plans to do ahead,I make my TO DO list for the day----------------
Brush my teeth,Have breakfast,Get ready,Take the local train,Go to college,Submit my presentation,Attend lectures,Sit back after college for new project,Come home,Finish Dad's office work,Help Mom with cooking,Call Darling Sis in Sydney,Call my friends,Write,Listen to music,Hit the gym।Have dinner,Read a book,Surf the net,Blog,Catch the headlines,Call my BEST FRIEND and tell him about the day,Wish Mom Goodnight,Pray to God......Then go underneath my Pooh Quilt and off go the lights! This is how my life goes-All in a day's work.This is MY day and I'm proud of living it MY way..Needless to say.....
I always get up late...reach college presentation gets delayed.....don't finish Dad's work....don't help Mom in the kitchen....I miss my sister butd don't give her a call....My friends also complain....I dont go to the gym....But still at the end of the day I tell my BEST FRIEND -was such a great day!!!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Bal Hanuman!

I shot this picture a few years back.I do not clearly remember but I think I shot it at Haridwar ghat...But I remember the story behind this photo...This boy earns his livelihood by collecting coins that people offer to the Ganges...What is so striking about this boy is the vermilion tikka and the moustache on his face!It was randomly clicked but I think it's really beautiful

Sunday, August 16, 2009

See what YOU want to see

What you see is not what it is really!And many a times what it is you don't really see.....I think we humans are very judgemental about everything.....We often presume things and presuppose situations...........We see things going our way and when they don't,we feel dejected.We need to understand that life does not make us...we make our life...what happens to us in our life happens because we let that happen...At times it's good to leave things to times you have to work hard to make your own destiny...Every situation in life can be dealt in different ways....What matters is the choice you make......You either see only what you can or try seeing what you want to! and if you choose the latter then no dream will remain distant....Make your choice...:)