Saturday, August 15, 2009

what are my achievements?

sometimes i just wonder..what is my biggest achievement in life?securing 92 percent in my board exams?Is my achievement so momentary that it takes the shape of a few trophies or certificates and marksheets?or is it an anonymous random moment which defines the beauty of life....Like visiting an old age home and spending some time with the aged without expecting much in return...or buying gajra for my house maids on janmashtami and letting them know that we care...or just hugging mom and sleeping on her lap when you are feeling low...or missing your sister who's far away and wishing you could go and kiss her....I think a day well spent is an achievement in itself....a day when you do a good deed...don't hurt others and feel good about yourself...because each day well spent will translate into a lifetime achievement....and nothing can be bigger than that finish this off,my recent achievement....writing my first blog....:)